Coltex was founded in 1989.

About us

Founded in 1989, Coltex started its activities with a small accessories store and today is a highlight in the Brazilian textile market. And in this trajectory, which has already added up to more than 32 years, Coltex has built its image producing high quality fabrics, performance and versatility, for the Fitness, Beachwear and Lingerie segments.

Its concern is to exceed customer and market expectations, which is why large investments are made in research and studies on the main trends platforms in the world. In addition, Coltex Têxtil's management is guided by the development of people and sustainable market growth, contributing to the progress of the community and the country.

Our history

  1. 1989: Coltex Têxtil's trajectory begins

    On July 1, 1989, a small clothing store was born, named Colcha de Retalhos. This would be the starting point of the trajectory, until a Coltex reference in innovation and textile technologies.

  2. 1997: Opening New Markets

    This year, we started the production of fabrics for the Fitness and Lingerie lines, presenting articles with quality and special characteristics for the best performance of each segment.

  3. 2000: Implementation of the new industrial park

    Observing the large growth of the team, high market demand and the need to expand the structure to deliver more and more textile innovations, the manufacturing park was expanded, in which it is until today.

  4. 2004: Zoom In

    This year marks the construction of the second block in the industrial park.

  5. 2007: Learning for Development

    Implementation of the Metanoic methodology, further developing the team and strengthening customer service.

  6. 2012: Emana® Approval

    Already with high quality products aimed at the Beachwear segment, Emana® technology enters the fabric line.

  7. 2013: Digital Stamping

    The sales of fabrics in digital printing begin, combining surface quality and the possibility of more types of printed bases.

  8. 2017: Embracing Sustainable

    Thinking beyond the sustainability of Coltex's structure, the sale of Speed ​​Soul Eco ecological fabric begins, bringing the benefits of Amni Soul Eco® technology, the only biodegradable polyamide yarn in the world.

  9. 2019: Clean Energy Coltex

    In 2019, in partnership with Ecoa, Coltex installed 792 solar modules. The investment in renewable energy is a source of pride and is part of the Clean Energy project, using natural resources to generate energy and not pollute the environment.

  10. 2021: ABVTEX Certification

    In a year full of challenges, Coltex Têxtil conquers a new certification: ABVTEX. This certification aims to promote sustainable fashion, through an ethical, responsible, innovative, competitive and transparent production chain .


Technologies and differentials

Our Numbers

7491 km

The coast of Brazil is 7491 kilometers long.

2nd Place

According to the IHRSA Global Report, Brazil is the second country with the highest number of fitness center per inhabitant.

U$ 30 Bi

The Lingerie market makes more than $ 30 billion worldwide annually.